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Checking Out

Check Out Procedures

We hope that you enjoyed your stay! Please ensure that the following items are completed:

  • All furniture, including patio furniture, has been returned to its original placement
  • All dishes cleaned and retuned to proper places - No dishes left dirty in dishwasher.
  • Wash, dry and put back all beach towels
  • Leave heat and A/C at a moderate temperature upon departure
  • Ensure the back umbrella is left in a closed position and no garbage or food is left outside
  • All doors and windows closed and locked. Putting the blinds down is great.
  • Starting a first load of sheets is always appreciated!
  • All garbage has been collected and placed in bins located near driveway (black is garbage and blue is recycle) bottles/cans (‘returnables’) can be left in a black bag outside on back porch. Glass must be bagged with ‘returnables’ and not included in blue bin.
  • If needed, use any cleaning supplies provided with the house. We do understand accidents happen; if carpets or furniture have been soiled please advise us as soon as possible so that the proper arrangements can be made.
  • Feel free to contact Kim for a mid-week clean, at an extra fee, if desired at the above number.

Check out is 10:00 AM unless otherwise discussed

Thank you for staying, we hope you enjoyed your time in the Okanagan and that you will us visit again!

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