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House Rules & Info

Everything you need to know upon arrival at Natty's House

Although we want you to have a wonderful time in our home during your stay, we do have house rules that we hope you will follow. Failure to follow these few rules and you may be asked to leave without compensation.


Our property is on a septic tank; we ask for your utmost collaboration to respect it and avoid issues. Misuse of the system not only causes damage to our system but could result in the suite being unuseable. Please do not flush anything else other than toilet paper in the toilet. Do not put sanitary products, cotton swabs, Q tips, etc. down the toilet. Do not dispose of any oils, coffee grinds and food scraps in the sink. Do not run more than one load in the washing machine per day.

Our Home is Non-Smoking

Our home is non-smoking. Please respect the no smoking policy. If there is any sign of smoking indoors, your damage deposit will be forfeited and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. This policy does include being respectful when smoking outdoors as we live in a semi-arid desert and fires are a hazard. Throughput the summer months there is almost always a fire ban on so no open fires are permitted on the premises. 

Do not use any candles inside or outside of the home. 


Our beach is wonderful for family outings. Please beware there are no life guards on duty at any of the beaches in Okanagan Centre. Children should be supervised by an adult at all times. Please note: there are sudden drop offs in the lake.

Our Neighbourhood

This is a residential family neighbourhood. Partying and late night noise will not be tolerated. Quite hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.


Aside from the two spaces in front of the left side of the garage, additional parking may be created by blocking in those two vehicles, leaving space for our two vehicles on the right-hand side. Additional parking can be found at the boat launch.  

Because of the long, steep, dirt driveway, any recreational vehicles (boats, other watercraft, RVs, etc.) that are associated with your rental cannot come up the driveway and must be parked on the road with all tires off the asphalt. Not abiding by these parking restrictions could involve a fine as bylaw officers do pass by several times a day.


Garbage Collection:

Our garbage is collected first thing Monday mornings (about 7:30am) so please have your rubbish and recycle placed in bins by Sunday night, if possible. See checkout list for instructions on how to properly use the bins.


On your device please select: Nattys Guest Home

Password: Please refer to the card on the table


We have a smart TV which enables you to use whatever streaming media you are signed up for. Use the TV remote to turn it on. Then use the Apple Remote for everything else.

A/C and keeping it cool

Air conditioning is available for your use, but we have found that it can be particularly easy and pleasant to keep the home cool by practicing a few techniques. DO NOT use the A/C while windows and doors are open.

  • In the morning, open the windows and let the air flow. 
  • Put down the blinds by mid-morning as the sun comes around the house
  • In the evening open the doors and windows again to let the air flow. 

DO NOT use the A/C while windows and doors are open. This can cause it to shutdown and then will not to available for your use as it will need to be repaired.

Stuff For the Beach

You will find beach items like cooler bags, towels, chairs, floaties, and more in the master closet or behind the suite. Please wash and put back all beach towels before you check-out.

Immediate Assistance

If there is an issue that needs urgent attention, please call us immediately. 

Owners:  Kim 250.863.9010 & Mike 250.899.5101

Owners’ parents:        Dianne and Bruce Steeper 250.766.3707 or 250.317.6408

Emergency 9.1.1

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